Q. Which membership should I choose?
A. This depends entirely on the number of people from your company who want the kudos of becoming a Fellowship member. If it is just one person then Individual membership is the right one to choose. If up to three people want to get involved with us then go for House Membership. If you want even more people to become Fellowship members we can cater for up to six people through our House Plus Membership.

Q. How do I know what is going on?
A. We regularly send emails to our members with lots information about our events, activities and other opportunities and how to get involved. Remember to book tickets early and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Q. I would like to be included in The Fellowship Magazine, but don't know how?
A. We love receiving your news stories and collections so if you have anything you would like considered please contact sofie-jane@lwpr.biz

Q. I haven't received my copy of The Fellowship Magazine?
A. Don't worry our office team are always happy to help so please contact our HQ on 01295 724580

Q. I haven't received my tickets for an event I am booked on?
A. Our office team ensure all tickets are dispatched so if you do have a problem then contact 01295 724580

Q. One of our salons ClubStar members has left or I need to change the membership to another name, what do I do?
A. We understand that things change so our Membership and Accounts Manager Tracey can assist you with this. Contact our HQ on 01295724580

Q. I would love to get involved in photographing some events but not sure who to speak to?
A. We love to hear from talented and enthusiastic individuals who would love to give something back to the industry by offering their photography skills. Our photographers don't receive payment, but their images appear in our Fellowship Magazine; on our website; on social media channels and even in consumer press. If you would like to find out more contact our HQ on 01295 724580

Q. I have seen an image of myself from a few years ago at a Fellowship event and I would love it for my own records but don't know who to speak to?
A. We do have an archive of previous photographs, although we can't promise we have all the images. To see if we can help please contact our PR Manager LJ on laurajane@fellowshiphair.com