Simone Thomas
Simone Thomas:

"I am extremely proud to join the Fellowship and be able to share my passion of being an ambassador for hair loss solutions. My aim is to spread the message amongst fellow hairdressers of how we can help so many people suffering from a variety of conditions, and make a real difference to the perception and treatment of hair loss through the right kind of knowledge and expertise." 

Mary Lamont
Urban Hair and Beauty High House:

"I decided to join The Fellowship to embrace the very best of the Hairdressing Industry and to gain knowledge, inspiration and to share my passion for my trade. I love my work and always believe that motivation and education are vital in moving forward and The Fellowship lends us helping hand with all of the above. I am so excited about all of the opportunities you have on offer and look forward to meeting new friends along the way."

Jane Fenwick
Hair Associates

"I felt it was important to join the Fellowship to keep my salon team continuously updated with a vision of upcoming fashion, seasonal trends and industry news, as well as technical innovations and creative ideas."