The ClubStar 2017 Journey so far...

Our six ClubStar Art Team members of 2017 are half way through their ClubStar journey and weíve certainly been keeping them busyÖ With five workshops and educational days behind them and many more to come with their mentor Simon Tuckwell, the team have been loving their first year of representing the Fellowship. Applications for 2018 are now open, so weíre recapping on whatís available on this fantastic initiative...

Sam McKnight Exhibition
First on the teamís agenda back in January was a trip to the Hair by Sam McKnight exhibition at Somerset House in London, marking 40 years of Samís career and celebrating the wider cultural significance of hair. As the Fellowship donít do anything in halves, it was not only the exhibition the team could enjoy, but also a personal meeting with the man himself. Simon Tuckwell lead an interview with Sam whilst the team listened on, hearing about his all-time favourite looks, shooting with Kate Moss and his career faux pas.

Presentation Skills with Debbie G
Next up was the teamís first official workshop Ė presentation skills with Debbie G. As well as beginning to build on the teamís confidence and improving their presentation manner, Debbie also talked the team through some social media tips and how to raise their profile through their platforms whilst on their ClubStar Art Team journey. Each member presented an ĎAbout Meí mood board in order for the team to bond a little more and get to know each other, expressing their passions and personality, as well as presenting their favourite inspiring hair images. Days like this are so important, particularly in the early stages, as being a great hairdresser certainly isnít all about doing great hair!

Cut & colouring the HOB way
The second mentoring day for the team was with Jake Unger and Sean Nolan from HOB Salons. It was a huge privilege to be taught the HOB philosophy of hair work by the guys themselves. It was a day of demonstrations on colour shadowing, cutting graduation techniques and working with face shapes before the team worked on a graduated bob and put their newly learnt knowledge to good use.

Session styling with Jamie Benny
Jamie Benny took on the teamís next workshop, focussing it around conquering stage work and session styling. This day wasnít all about hair, as Jamie spoke to the team about his own nerve struggles with stage work and how he has overcome it with meditation. He even got the team to have a go! Moving on to hair, Jamie demonstrated a few new styling techniques which would be sure to make the team session styling successes which the team then had a go at recreating; textured curls, perfect braids and the perfect roll using hair pads.

Organic Colour Systems factory tour
The ClubStar Art Team got together in May to visit the Organic Colour Systems factory with President of the Fellowship Karine Jackson, to have a tour and learn a little more about the green and eco-friendly colour range. They immersed themselves into the world of Organic Colour Systems before spending a few hours chatting and working with Karine Jackson, who demonstrated her iconic colour techniques from past collections and set the team practical tasks about consultations and picking the right colour tones.

Itís been an exciting whirlwind of a year for the team so far, with plenty more to come... If you think this could be you next year, be sure to apply for 2018ís ClubStar Art Team before August 18th to be in with a chance of these opportunities. Click here to apply.