The Fellowship Scholarship week 3 – Sassoon ABC Men’s

Sassoon’s ABC Men’s course covers classic barbering techniques, mirroring the philosophy of Sassoon barbering, which has a unique approach to cutting hair. Georgina got to grips with how to achieve tailored, bespoke cuts for different personalities and lifestyles, by learning how to determine the right length for the hair; using vertical and horizontal sections, working with or without product and taking face shape, bone structure, length and texture into consideration.

A large focus of the week was the scissor over comb technique. Georgina and the delegates were taught how to execute it the right way to achieve the best results.
“I loved working on the scissor over comb technique,” says Georgina, “the way they use this technique to create a tight fade without clipper guards is amazing! It also helps to follow the head shape so that you get a tailored haircut for your head shape, and in turn a more bespoke haircut for the client.”

“I had such a blast on the Sassoon ABC Men’s course. I have learnt so many fundamental skills and techniques to make me a better hairdresser when it comes to cutting men’s hair. The educators were so inspiring – they always make me so excited to get back to the salon and put everything into practice. I can’t believe how quickly my Fellowship Scholarship is going – I don’t want it to end!”, says Georgina.