My Role in The Fellowship
Iím really looking forward to this new role, itís a real honour for me.† I canít wait to get started, working closely with the team and council to promote the hairdressing industry and our professional standards

My Industry background
After starting my career in my parentsí salon in a small Australian town I came to London, where after working my way up at Charles Worthington, I set up my own salon in Covent Garden. Since then I have won London Hairdresser of the Year, as well as been a finalist and nominated for many other fantastic accolades. I have even appeared on The One Show, and in glossy magazines because of my industry background and expertise.

What does being part of The Fellowship mean to me?
Itís all about uniting as a group of†hairdressers†and branching out to make our industry great. I think the reason†British†hairdressing is amazing is that we share our ideas and work together. Itís a platform to show case our collections, I send my team for amazing opportunities such as the Colour†Project. For the younger ones ClubStar has been amazing. Itís all about creative†excellence†which the fellowship does so well.

Something people might not know about me
There isnít much people donít know about me as I am rather loud Ė but I do love camping!