Publications Editor & Media Consultant

My Role in The Fellowship
I am a media consultant to The Fellowship which means ensuring strong relationships across the industry are sound and positive and being the eyes and ears for the Fellowship on what is happening.

My Industry background
I went into PR as my career choice at 22 and have never looked back, having worked within the corporate PR settings
For Hallmark Cards, Alberto Culver, Cinzano, Osprey Handbags and even Hathaway County Kitchens but my enduring love has been hairdressing since my first experience of it working at Welbeck Public Relations to launch Kerastase to the UK market, I have always worked with a major manufacturer and of course, my longest relationship has been with Clynol and subsequently Schwarzkopf Professional. So hairdressing runs through my career from my first client 30 years go and my passion and energy for this amazing industry continues.

What does being part of The Fellowship mean to me?
I feel it is a key time of change for The Fellowship and so being part of it just now, with the brilliant management team of Karine and Jo as well as a very dynamic council means that we are working on new processes and outreach that will mean The Fellowship stays relevant and in-touch with hairdressers of all ages across the UK.

Something people might not know about me
I am such a chatterbox I canít imagine there are many secrets about me but in the summer I love carriage driving with my sister.