My Role in The Fellowship
I am delighted to take up the role of Ambassador and am looking forward to continuing to support The Fellowship in every way I can.

My Industry background
After training at Alan International 35 years ago I joined Marc Antoni 3 years later. From having 1 salon we now have 7 and I am involved in the management, education and creativity within these.

What does being part of The Fellowship mean to me?
It is a chance to grow as an individual and grow as a team. I am proud to be part of an organisation that includes top industry experts who partake in seminars, workshops and events. I know it has helped to grow my team through being on projects such as F.A.M.E. Team as well as motivating them creatively.

Something people might not know about me
I know I shouldn’t but I eat 2 massive bars of whole nut chocolate every week. One little bit just isn’t enough!