Business Education

My Role in The Fellowship
I am a Council member and head up the Business Programme. As itís the first year of a specific series of business events, we have piloted a couple of events that will become a staple part of the programme. Ensuring guests are prepared prior to an event and relaxed and ready to go on the day is what I do!

My Industry background
I trained at our school of hairdressing in 1992 after a short career in banking. From there I have worked in the Centre of London ever since, running between our busy Academy, salons and showcasing our work worldwide. Currently I am Director or Education for Alan d Hairdressing Education.

What does being part of The Fellowship mean to me?
It is a great group of like-minded peopled. If you need an answer to anything one of the members will definitely have it.

Something people might not know about me
Öthat is the reason they donít!