Membership is open to professional hairdressers or representatives from an associated industry who aspire to meet our 12 principals which are:

01 Expertise
Fellowship salons are committed to maintaining the highest standards of hairdressing excellence at all times.
02 Client Care
Fellowship salons are committed to exercise the very highest levels of client care and meet and exceed the client's expectation.
03 Consultation
Fellowship salons will always offer clients the opportunity of a full and comprehensive consultation before any service is undertaken.
04 Clarity
Fellowship salons will always offer to inform clients of the full cost of any services before they are undertaken.
05 Satisfaction
Fellowship salons will always try to address any problems or queries fully, and as soon as possible.
06 Hygiene
Fellowship salons adhere to strict rules regarding health and safety and general hygiene, for the benefit of staff and clients.
07 Education
Fellowship salons maintain a policy of ongoing practical and creative training for staff at all levels.
08 Innovation
Fellowship salons will constantly strive to introduce all current technical innovations and creative ideas.
09 Vision
Fellowship salons will constantly update their awareness of hair fashion – ideas, looks and seasonal trends.
10 Recommendation
Salons only achieve Fellowship salon status by careful recommendation and endorsement from other top salons.
11 Professionalism
Fellowship salons maintain professional standards of behaviour and client care at all times.
12 Quality
Fellowship salons constantly strive to be the finest salon in their locale.

Click here for details on how to join us

We offer 5 categories of membership and once you have decided which one is right for you just download the relevant application form, complete the form and send this back to us by email. We will contact you to collect your payment and as soon as this clears we will initiate your membership and you will automatically receive information on all our events and opportunities.

ClubStar membership is designed for any hairdresser aged 16 to 25.  (Click here for the application form)

Individual Membership is designed for ONE person, regardless of how many salons you have.  (Click here for the application form)

NB - If you want more people from your company to have the kudos of being a Fellowship member, to receive relevant complimentary tickets and becoming directly involved in Fellowship activity please select the House or House Plus membership.

House Membership is designed for THREE people from one company regardless of how many salons or premises you have.  (Click here for the application form)

House Plus Membership is designed for SIX people from one company regardless of how many salons or premises you have.  (Click here for the application form)

Affiliate International Membership is designed for any hairdresser or member of the hairdressing industry who lives and works outside the UK. (Click here for the application form)


1946-48 B. N. Furman 1948-50 B. Woolf 1950-52 L. S. Levey
1952-54 C. S. Blaschke 1954-56 P. Woolf 1956-58 X. Wenger, MBE
1958-60 F. di Biase 1960-62 L. Povey 1962-64 T. E. Webb
1964-66 S. Camillo 1966-68 R. Kreeger 1968-70 L. d'Aprano
1970-72 R. Zackman 1972-74 A. Joseph 1974-76 P. Collinge, OBE
1976-78 J. Price 1978-80 P. Taylor 1980-82 D. Barton
1982-84 C. P. Mann 1984-86 S. Cohen 1986-88 A. Colasanto
1988-91 J. Galvin 1991-94 K. Arkell 1994-96 S. Forbes
1996-98 A. Collinge 1998-00 J. Cheyne, OBE 2000-02 D. Lambert
2002-04 B. Cobella, MBE 2004-06 R. Thompson 2006-08 S. Dawson
2008-10 S. Goldsworthy 2010-11 T. Calvert 2011-13 M. Creed
2013-15 Errol Douglas, MBE 2015-17 Bruno Marc Giamattei 2017 Karine Jackson


R Zackham C Ashley F DiBiase
1968-80 C Cohen 1980-90 X Wenger MBE 1990-00 C Mann
2000-04 S Messias 2004-06 J Collier 2006-07 K Arkell
2007-10 F Shipton 2010-12 K Arkell 2012-14 D Drew
2014-16 H Ward 2016-18 Jo Martin