Chairman's Message

Barry StephensBarry Stephens Chair


It is such an honor and a delight to greet everyone in my new role as your Chairman for the next two years. Throughout the lockdown period and beyond there has been a constant flurry of activity behind the scenes at the Fellowship. We felt it was important to stay in regular contact with our members and sponsors, to find new ways to engage, inspire and overcome the difficult situation we found ourselves in.  It strikes me that the core values of the Fellowship are all about connecting, sharing, enabling and creating new and exciting opportunities for our members. Over the past 6 months we have committed to turn all of our energy online and to keep those creative juices and skills flowing.

Through lockdown we had:

  • 6 Drinks with the President (reaching an audience of 28,000)
  • 25 live sessions with #THEKNOWLEDGE (reaching an audience of 44,651)
  • 5 awards were launched with 626 entries to date
  • Almost 5,000 new people signed up to our social media channels

And since lockdown has eased, we’ve had three Sunday Showdowns (reaching an audience of 18,891).

Building upon this digital emphasis, our vision includes increased online touchpoints for accessible education and inspiration, a new approach to membership pricing and structures and updated opportunities for our industry-leading sponsors.  All of this is devised to create a greater and broader community for the Fellowship, representing the contemporary face of British hairdressing through salons and individuals across the country.

The Fellowship team are working hard on our 2021 offering which is designed to excite, renew and review the ways we make membership meaningful for you. I have a passion for growth and as Chairman, my commitment is to focus 100% on you, our members, so for now, hold in there, keep connecting and our new program of activities will be bigger and better than ever.

Best wishes


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