Chairman's Message

Barry StephensBarry Stephens Chair


It would be easy, after the past two years, to keep looking back, but The Fellowship has always been about looking forward, embracing new ideas and leading the way when it comes to creative education and inspirational events.


This year will, no doubt, continue to challenge us as an industry, but we at The Fellowship can assure all our members that we will be there every step of the way, offering you unique creative experiences and motivational opportunities to help you grow your businesses and to define your individuality.


One thing the past two years has taught us is the power of the Internet. While we were all glad and grateful to return to face-to-face Masterclass and Workshop events in May last year, this doesn’t mean that The Fellowship won’t continue to use virtual initiatives, such as Fellowship Connect and our digital platform The Knowledge. Online resources like this are a great way for us to reach an even wider audience across the entire UK at a time when being part of a healthy positive community is most needed.


In 2022, the Fellowship will also continue to grow and evolve as an organisation, recognising the need to embrace diversity in all its guises and to ensure that hairdressing is a welcoming environment for everyone, and that the creativity and opportunities we can offer cater to all sectors of the industry.


With this in mind, one of our new initiatives for 2022 will be the launch of PROJECT: Afro, a team dedicated to working with textured hair and pushing home the message that every hairdresser should be confident in working with all hair types.


We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings and to work with our members to ensure the hairdressing industry not only survives but prospers.


Here’s to a successful and creatively fulfilling 2022!

Best wishes


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