Chairman's Message

Simon ShawSimon Shaw Chairman

As I took my usual stroll through social media world this morning, I came across a post from a Fellowship member that made me realise everything we do at the Fellowship is so valuable and worthwhile.

The person talked about her involvement in Project X and how it has made her dreams come true.  She had showcased her work at Salon Intenraitonal with the rest of her team - and having seens the looks, they really were stunning.  I'm certain that there are stories like this from all of our projects, so I'd like to add my thanks to every project leader for helping our members harness their creativity and bring their dreams and careers goals to life. 

I've always believed that creativity is part of the human condition, and scientists are now saying that creativity is hardwired into our brains.  I think, as hairdressers we have known this all along. 

The hairdressing industry is facing many changes that bring challenges, the Fellowship is perfectly placed to help meet these challenges; I don't know of any other organisations that can bring so many creative people together - and we can harness this creativity to move into the future with confidence. 

This year is going to be really exciting.  We're forging strategic alliances with members in Scotland and the north, to develop our events and drive membership in both areas.  We will be hoidng our first digital event next year.  It will be baby steps at first, but by the end of the year I expect this to be a large part of what we do.  Having said that, live education will always be an important part of the Fellowship, so the team will be working on creating even more, better live events.   

I have enjoyed meeting our sponsors this year.  Without their continuing support and input, the Fellowship wouldn't be where it is.  My plan is to talk to as many members as possible; this is your organisation so I'm keen to hear your views. 

Here's to a creative, dream-making year

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