Chairperson's Message

Simon ShawSimon Shaw Chairperson

It's hard to believe that we are already a quarter of the way through 2019.

When I was a child it felt as though time passed so slowly - particularly on Sundays, which is the day I'm writing this.  My parents used to say to me that time sped up as you got older - and it turns out they were right, because time is whizzing by this year.  On reflection, they were right about most things!

I'm still thinking about the luncheon in December,  I thought it was a great event this year and I know from the feedback we received, that you did too.  Well done to our Chanceller, Ken, our President, and everyone else who put this event together.  It encapusulated everything Fellowship.  

We are now half-way into the three-year plan that Jo Martin and the Council created.  It's now time to start planning for 2020 and beyond.  Whilst we have a long heritage, it's important that we adapt to changes in our industry.  This will not mean that we never lose our mantra of Creative Excellence; rather it means that we will all work together to find innovative ways of delivering this message. 

I find it impossible to finish one of these messages without thanking everyone involved in making the Fellowship the unique organisation that it is.  From our sponsors, project leaders, PR team and office team - a sincere thank you. 

Of course, I can't finish without saying a huge thank you to Karine, who finishes her term as President very soon.  It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside you. 

Blimey, is that the time?!

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