President's Message

Karine JacksonKarine Jackson Past President

My attitude is that life is short, so you should make the most of every day; and the last two years have surpassed this.  In some ways, it has felt longer because so much has happened - including those two bike rides...! - but in other ways, I can't believe my presidency is coming to an end. 

One thing is certain; I've loved every minute!

We started the first year with a mission statement: 'united we can build our industry' I believe that we've achieved that, by working together to raise standards and drive the reputation of hairdressing for recruitment.  Over the course of my presidency, we've strengthened our offering to members too, launching the Live Lounge, our regional Hair & Vision events, the Barber Project and the soon-to-be-launched digital project.  We're also doing more across the country, espeically in Scotland and the North. 

Our projects are stronger than ever and now have waiting lists.  We've met with all our industry bodies to build better relationships, and to unite in getting consumers talking about our industry for all the right reasons.  We've also had record sponsorship, which has visibly helped to support building a united industry; a huge thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors. 

For my last letter, I need to say some thank yous.
Firstly to The Hairdressers' Chairty for my President's Award, which means a lot.  I want to thank everyone in the office, our amazing Council and our project leaders who work tirelessly.  I also want to thank Jo Martin, Simon Shaw and - of course - our President Elect and Chancellor, Ken Picton, for all of their support.  The Fellowship is a special organisation, and I'm proud to be part of it. 

I look forward to celebrating The Journey of the Fellowship with you all at my hand-over President's Night at the Landmark Hotel in London on Monday 8 April.  

So to finish, a huge thank you to you - our members - for all of your support.  


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