Connect Mental Health & Wellbeing

Monday, 24 January 2022.  Watch from 9:00am to Midnight.


As part of the Fellowship Digital Content Programme, watch this insightful workshop where our panel of speakers introduce mental health and well being approaches to give tips to salon owners, salon teams and individuals as we navigate our way through the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.

Fellowship Connect is designed for all Fellowship members, and has been developed to expand outside of our normal core focus of creativity and opportunity to create a business focused sharing, networking and support community forum.

Inviting experts and leaders from our industry manufacturers, sponsors, members and external experts to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas offering support and advice where needed to our Fellowship community of members.


Ashleigh Hodges, Fellowship Chancellor


Anna Mosley ATPC

Tom Chapman, Lion Barbers Collective

Errol Douglas MBE

Anna Mosley ATPC

Thrive Programme Coach, Business Coach & Motivational Speaker

I deliver a transformational 6 week course called the Thrive Programme® to individuals and teams. Equipping people with a unique and valuable skillset that optimises both wellbeing and performance for the long term, not only do I support people who are struggling with certain symptoms (anxiety, stress, low confidence, phobias, addictions, disorders, troubles with the past...) but I also coach already resilient people to truly unlock their full potential.

With a 15 year career background in the hairdressing world, I am passionate about the industry and offer motivational talks and workshops for salon owners and their teams, as well as group and 1:2;1 training of the complete Thrive Programme.

Tom Chapman

Founder & CEO

Lions Barber Collective

Tom Chapman is an award winning barber, author, public speaker, global barber director and international educator.

In September 2015 Tom founded The Lions Barber Collective, which started as a group of international barbers raising awareness for suicide prevention. It has developed to become much more and now campaigns for the awareness of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention as well, believing that the barbershop is a great, safe place for men to talk, and through BarberTalk he hopes to train hair professionals across the globe to Recognise, Ask, Listen and Help those in their chairs.

Errol Douglas MBE

Whether on stage, behind the scenes, at a shoot, educating or acting as an ambassador, Errol Douglas MBE translates his passion and dedication, showcasing the best of British hairdressing.   He has even been described as the King of hair.   He is also a champion of young industry talent and creating a more significant profile for them in UK hairdressing. He is also the 2021 Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year

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