Membership prices

Membership is open to all hairdressers or representatives from an associated industry and we offer various options. 

  • ClubStar membership annual subscription, January to December:  £60        Photo ID required
  • Individual Membership annual subscription, January to December:  £315    Discount available for applicants under the age of 30 - Photo ID required
  • House Membership annual subscription, January to December: £630
  • House Plus Membership annual subsubscription, January to December:  £945
  • Affiliate International Membership annual subscription, January to December: £336 
All prices are inclusive of vat @ 20% and if you decide to join part way through the year your first subscription will be reduced accordingly.    
Autumn offer:  Purchase membership from October, pay next year's subscription and receive the remainder of this year free!
Membership Terms and Conditions


House Plus£945£866.25£787.50£708.75£630£551.25£472.50£393.75£315
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