Tips and advice for entering Spotlight


To enter please submit a video presentation of up to 4 minutes, recorded on your phone or tablet of:

  • a colour or
  • a haircut or
  • a creative idea.


Please demonstrate this on either a doll’s head or a member of your household/bubble following current COVID guidelines.


We are looking for authenticity so please no professionally produced footage.


Presentation FAQs


Q: Can I do all the prep beforehand, or do I have to finish my look on video?


A: You can do your prep beforehand and present your finished look on video or do the majority of the work beforehand and finish your look on video. It’s your choice. 


Q: What is The Fellowship looking for in my presentation to put me through to the event?


A: We are looking for:


  • Clear opening and introduction to yourself, your salon (if you work in a salon) and what your presentation is about.
  • Clear description and information about your look.
  • Closing message.


This is your opportunity to show us your skills, creativity and personality. We are looking for authentic presentations so please be yourself.


Feel free to include:


  • Examples of references
  • Knowledge and technique
  • Usage of product if applicable
  • Anything which supports your presentation


Q: Am I being judged on my work or the presentation or both?


A: Both


Q: How much detail do you want on how I achieved my look/what my inspiration was?


A: This is totally up to you. Just remember you have 4 minutes max.


Q: Can I submit an edited presentation?

A: If you are tech savvy and want to use your editing skills we will accept an edited presentation. However, no professional footage please as we are looking for authentic presentations.


Recording tips

Keep these guidelines in mind when recording:


  • Format: Please record in a landscape format.
  • Sound: Choose the quietest room in your home, preferably with carpets and curtains as this improves sound quality.
  • Lighting: Avoid appearing as a silhouette surrounded by burnt out brightness. Go soft on the lighting, not harsh.
  • Background: Think about what is behind you, and ideally choose a neat, clean background.

Step into the Spotlight, closing date 10 March 2021. Enter here  

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