Why should you join?

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing was founded in 1946 as the Fellowship of Hair Artists of Great Britain and over the years has grown in stature and now covers many areas of the professional hairdressing industry.  We are an independent, non-political organisation run by our members, for our members focussing on promoting artistic and creative quality, and providing support for future hairdressing talent keen to make their own mark in the industry.  Fellowship membership is the gateway to so many opportunities, our members love to share ideas with likeminded people and this is just a very brief overview of what membership can bring you, your team and your brand.  

  • Kudos of belonging to the most creative hairdressing organisation in the UK
  • Promotion of your brand through Fellowship social media activity i.e. Instagram & Facebook
  • Inspirational workshops on a variety of ‘hairy’ topics both practical and business
  • Regional Hair & Vision events with practical demonstrations of the latest trends and techniques
  • Opportunities to present on Fellowship stages, from Members’ Nights, Colour Nights to major industry exhibitions nationwide and take advantage of the post event coverage of all of these
  • Access to the amazing Fellowship teams: F.A.M.E. Team, ClubStar Art Team, Colour Project, Project X & Barber Project
  • Networking events, mingle with the very best in the industry
  • Enter the Fellowship awards and achieve the recognition you and your salon deserves
    Lots of information can be found in our BROCHURE.

Membership is open to all hairdressers or representatives from an associated industry. The membership runs from January to December, but you can join at any time. Please see below the annual membership prices, click here for membership prices if you join part way through the year. 

  • ClubStar Membership for any hairdresser aged 16 to 25:  £60 
  • Individual Membership for ONE person, regardless of how many salons you have:   £300
  • House Membership for FOUR people from one company regardless of how many salons or premises you have:   £600
  • House Plus Membership for SEVEN people from one company regardless of how many salons or premises you have:  £900
  • Affiliate International Membership for any hairdresser or member of the hairdressing industry who lives and works outside the UK:   £320 

APPLY HERE                           Membership Terms and Conditions

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