An amazing year ahead for PROJECT: X

New team leader, Sam Burnett, launched the year with a January online session, and asked the team to prepare these key questions:

• What is your career story so far?
• What do you hope to achieve from your year on the team?
• Who would be your dream mentor?

Sam promised “I am 100% committed to ensuring every team member gets the most from being on PROJECT: X.” He urged everyone to form relationships with the industry mentors we will be meeting, as well as connecting with each other on the team.

Each team member then ran through their own story, explaining what they wished to achieve from being on PROJECT: X and who their dream mentor would be.

Recent team recruit, Reina Boddy based in Harrogate, explained “I love education but lacked confidence to put myself forward, until my boss encouraged me to apply. I find auditioning daunting so I’m looking to gain more confidence this year.”

April Mash revealed she is particularly interested “in creative colour and gaining more confidence in cutting, as well expanding my knowledge and experience in the session world.”

Sam told the team “the new skills you learn over the year will help you both in the salon and in making a name for yourself in the industry. The Fellowship and PROJECT:X give you space to shine!”

Lea Shaw agreed with this, saying he had been on PROJECT: Colour in 2018, and the experience had opened up a whole new world. She added, “I never want to be bored and love to keep learning, hence I applied and was thrilled to be accepted for PROJECT: X.”

Sam wrapped up the session by letting the team know he is planning on packing as much as he can into the year and is doubling sessions in February during lockdown.

PROJECT: X Team Leader: Sam Burnett
PROJECT: X Team Members:

Roisin Murphy - K H Hair
Sophie Titchener - Sarai Hair & Beauty
Lea Shaw - Rural Fringe Hair Salon
Cc McNamee - Andrew Smith Salons Fareham
Pamela Cooney - Toni & Guy, Cannon Street
April Mash - Strangeways
Emma Simmons - Salon 54
Nicola Hamm - Escape Hair Lounge
Thomas Worth - Tint
Arif Arikan - Alice and the Hair
Reina Boddy - Joseph Ferraro Hair
Kay Binnersley - Kay Binnersley Hair
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