Ahead of the AW21 Trend Prediction Report, being launched, Jason Crozier, Director  & a Captain of Croznest, presented the trend predictions EXCLUSIVELY to the ClubStar Art Team Members.


Croznest ( is all about Inspire.Educate.Motivate.  Jason Crozier comments: “Its so important to inspire the new generation of hairdressers, and to deliver this information to our Clients and put it into our creative work.  Sadly, the information is not always accessible, but through Croznest’s digital platform the information is.”  Click HERE for the link to th trend reports page.


Firstly, Jason did a ‘walk through the SS21 Trend Predictions and then on to an EXCLUSIVE look at the AW21 Trend Predictions.


At the end of the session, Jason sets the team a challenge: “Go and create a hair creation from one of the key trend predictions and tag Croznest, on social media, so we can see how you have been influenced and by which trend prediction”.


Karoliina Saunders, Project Leader: “We all take part in competitions and industry shows, its so amazing to have this information.  The team should be thinking forward especially when we have our team presentation this year.  As well as sharing information with your Clients”.


Jack Anthony: “I have just entered trend vision.  This will definitely help at the next stage of my entry.  Also, Clients ask all the time about trends, so this is great to have this trend prediction to share and be knowledgeable”.


Darcey Clarke: “I don’t get chance to do too much fashion in the salon, so its great to have a session like this”.


ClubStar Art Team Project Leader:                  Karoliina Saunders

ClubStar Art Team Members:


Sam Arnold, Strangeways (Team Reporter)

Darcey Clarke, Ashley Gamble

Jack Anthony, Sutherland & Barnett

Ella Gray, Timba

Andrew Plester, Hare and Bone

Lee Patrick Devlin, Paul Watts Hair

Emy Roccabella, Danilo Hair Boutique

Lizzie Williams, Gatsby & Miller

Josie Simmons, Electric Hair

Cameron Willetts, Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing


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