Award winning hairdresser & photographer, Desmond Murray, passes on tips and advice to PROJECT: Men


Desmond let the team into what he has been doing over the last few months.  “I am constantly learning, so during lockdown I looked at my weaknesses and what I could do to learn more online.  As I needed to learn more about colour, this has been my focus and will continue to be in 2021”.   


Desmond then provided the team with an online demo of textured hair cutting, with a graphic cut on textured hair. Showcasing how to use clippers creatively ‘like a paint brush’ he offered insightful tips on visually refining the style shape.  “Once you know the rules you can break the rules” he explained.  “I love the fact that you can make the shape so much stronger by refining the shape with scissors. Getting the shape strong and accurate.”


Desmond then moved onto his photographic career, commenting that: “The foundation of the image is about the model, only 20% is about the hair.  The model needs to be photogenic.  If budget is tight try checking out the colleges which are a good source for models and keeps the costs down”.


“Today’s session with Desmond Murray was a valuable time of learning from not just a great hairdresser but someone with a vast knowledge of photography.” Jacob Banfield, Renaissance Salon comments: “Desmond was very approachable and encouraging to the team, giving us lots of advice.” 


“As always thoroughly enjoyed the session, loved getting the opportunity to speak with Desmond.” Paulina Stochmialek adds: “It was incredibly inspiring to hear his journey as a stylist as well as a photographer, he gave us all a lot of amazing tips as well as an insight into what the industry is which personally helped me understand what areas I need to focus on as a creative.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed Monday’s presentation with Desmond great insight to the photography side of hair and how to capture great pics.” Darren Smith, Review Hairdressing comments: “Definitely going to be picking up a camera in the near future. I also loved the demo he did with the textured hair, thought the end result was fab but also a great starting point for Afro hair as I’ve not yet worked with textured hair. Overall really great presentation and looking forward to the next one!”


PROJECT: Men Team Leader:               Jonathan Andrew

PROJECT: Men Team Members:

Tristrum Curling - Sir & Co Barbers

Darren Smith - Review Hairdressing

Paulina Stochmialek

Tyler Williams - Lara Johnson Lifestyle

George Smith - Smith England

Kenneth McLeod – My Two

Jodie Wheeler - Beepers Hair Salon

George Knight - Minimal Barbering

Vicky Morwood – The Bank Hairdressing

Kim Nicole Jones

Jacob Banfield – Renaissance Salon

Tammy Reynolds – Tammy Reynolds for Hair


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