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The 2019 Barber Project team headed to Manchester for their latest mentoring day, led by barber and barbershop owner,  Johnny Shanahan of Barber Barber.

Johnny started the day by providing his expert insight into the difference between classic styles vs trend-led looks, and knowing when to use which. “Looking at trends through the years was fascinating,” says Sarah Morrissey of Sarai Hair & Beauty. “We saw how trends haven't really changed in 70 years – just taste and techniques.”

In the afternoon, Johnny showcased a ‘barbershop long’ cut – which the team were tasked with replicating after their demonstration. “Johnny showed us how to create a long look using simple sections, to make the look masculine, not feminine,” explains Sarah. “We then recreated the look on our own blocks with some guidance from Johnny. We then watched him do a short haircut with a quiff, using simple clipper over comb technique. Again, it was a different way to create a classic look that has hardly changed in 70 years.”

As the second mentoring day for the team, the Barber Project are continuing to learn from diverse mentors, all of whom are sharing their insight and providing new ways of learning.

“The number one thing I learnt from Johnny is that things don’t have to be complicated to be correct,” says Portia McVinnie from KJM Salons. “This was really refreshing to hear and will definitely stick with me. In the salon, I will now feel more confident taking control of my consultations, and be brave in telling clients what will and won’t work for them.”

“My biggest learning was to look at the head shape with men rather than the face shape,” says Sarah. “I also learn how a simple sectioning pattern can be used to create a number of looks, very simply. The new techniques I learnt will enable me to achieve the styles I want in a more simple way, and help teach the team in a more straightforward style.”




Barber Project 2019

Ainsley Brown, F&M Hairdressing

Luke Hawkins, The Marvellous Hair Co

Portia McVinnie, KJM Salons

Sarah Morrissey, Sarai Hair & Beauty

Blayre Turnbull, Urban Hair & Beauty Highhouse

Rob White, Nashwhite

Jack Williams - Jack Robin Williams Salon
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