Barber Project Master Beards and Shaves

Beards and shaving are big business, with more male clients opting for facial hair as it becomes more commonplace and commercial than ever. According to research by YouGov, some 42% of men now wear facial hair, with 44% of those surveyed choosing a full beard.


With this boom in beards, it’s important that barbers feel as confident handling facial hair as they do head hair – which is why the Fellowship’s Barber Project recently enjoyed a day of education in shaving and facial hair from the team at The Master Barber's Shop in Southport.


The day started with an introduction to the award-winning barber business, before owners Dan and Robert Rix gave the team a brief history of shaving over the years – from trends to products and techniques. As well as giving an informative overview, they also provided plenty of relevant information about product retail for the barbering industry.


Then, it was time to showcase their skills, as Dan and Robert provided a shaving presentation and model demonstration, followed by a beard trim, shape and condition on a model with a long beard.


Following their demos, it was time for the team to get hands on and practice their own skills. Working in pairs, the team each did a shave model and beard trim, including using the razor to sculpt an outline.


“I got so much out of the day,” says team member Sarah Morrissey. “I have done a little wet shaving before, but this was so much more in-depth and about a full grooming experience for the client. I also learnt some new tips on how I could improve my technique and get a closer shave. Beard trimming wasn’t something I’ve done before, so this was really interesting to see – and, like most things, it looks much easier than it is! I feel after a little more practice I would definitely be able to introduce these services into the salon. 

“I did a shave course about eight years ago and have one client I do regularly,” she continues. “But have never pushed the service as I never felt really confident in it. Now, I feel totally confident and am going to expand our male grooming services in the salon, and start promoting wet shaving and beard services. I’m also going to train some team members up in the beard services.”

Photos: Courtesy of Dave Brown (Dave Brown Photography)
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