Barber Project Spends Day at Wahl Academy

Former British Barber of the Year, Andrea Raymond, is the latest mentor to lend her expertise to the Barber Project, spending a day with the team at the Wahl Academy.


An educator for Wahl, barbershop owner and multi-award winning barber, Andrea is one of the most prominent female barbers in the industry and dedicated to raising the profile of women in the industry.


During her inspirational day with the team, Andrea demonstrated two cuts on models – a skin fade and a clipper cut. Starting by explaining the five key elements of a cut – shortest, longest, blend/transition, texture and finish – she shared techniques and tips with the team, including clipper-over-comb work, beards, working with clipper guards and how to fade and blend.


In the afternoon, it was time for the team to get hands on with cuts on block heads. The whole team created different looks, decided after a consultation with Andrea on which area they most wanted to improve on and receive feedback on.


“Learning the art of clipper cutting, and not being reliant on scissors was brilliant,” says Luke Hawkins from The Marvellous Hair Co. “I really feel like I’ve added another string to my bow and am feeling like a more complete male grooming specialist as each session passes.”

Sarah Morrissey from Sarai Hair & Beauty agrees, adding, “After this session I will definitely be using clippers more. I feel more confident with my skin fades and using the clippers to achieve this. I'm also looking forward to sharing this with my team on our next training session.”

“Every session with the Barber Project has been different and I have come away with so much already,” she continues. “I feel so much more confident. My gents hair cuts are becoming more of a barber haircut as I become more confident with the tools, and new techniques to create the desired looks for my clients.”

Barber Project 2019

Ainsley Brown, F&M Hairdressing

Blayre Turnbull, Urban Hair & Beauty Highhouse

Jack Robin Williams, Jack Robin Williams Salon

Luke Hawkins, The Marvellous Hair Co

Portia McVinnie, KJM Salons

Rob White, Nashwhite

Sarah Morrissey, Sarai Hair & Beauty

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