ClubStar Art Team Spend a Day with Anne Veck

Avant-garde hairdressing is an art form all of its own, combining technical skills with fearless creativity for otherworldly results perfect for stage work, shoots and competitions.

Anne Veck is renowned as one of the best in the business, making her the ideal choice to host an avant-garde masterclass for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ClubStar Art Team – the mentoring program for emerging hairdressing talent aged 25 or under.

The day, which was hosted at the ghd studio in London, started with a look at Anne’s most recent collection – Toxic Fashion. Sharing the creative process, inspirations and techniques behind the looks, Anne gave an insightful glimpse into the work that goes into an avant-garde collection beyond mere technical skills.

After getting to the grips with the basics, the team set to work on block heads to create their own avant-garde looks with Anne’s guidance.

“Understanding how we can incorporate some of these techniques into our own work for shows and collections was incredibly insightful,” says team member Sam Arnold. “The best thing I learnt was how you can create different ‘fabrics’ with hair – something which always intrigued me. The day gave me the confidence to take risks, try new ideas and techniques with hair and not be afraid to break the rules in order to create an amazing image.”

ClubStar Art Team 2020

Project Leader: Karoliina Saunders


Jack Anthony, K H Hair Nottingham

Sam Arnold, Strangeways

Jordy Barlow, RUSH Moorgate

Darcey Clarke, Ashley Gamble

Lee Patrick Devlin, Paul Watts Hair

Ella Gray, Chair Salons

Andrew Plester, Hare and Bone

Emy Roccabella, Danilo Hair Boutique

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