ClubStar Art Team’s first 2021 session!

Karoliina Saunders, Project Leader for ClubStar Art Team kicked-off January 2021 with an online session for the team, featuring guest mentor, Award Winning Hairdresser Desmond Murray from Atherton Cox.


Desmond took the team through the mechanics of how things work, how to keep inspired and his journey through hairdressing.  Each of the team members had prepared a question to ask Desmond during the session.


Desmond comments: “When I was invited to be a mentor, I was really excited for the team to get the most out of session.  By asking questions I felt would give the team real value.  We are all going through a valuable moment in time, one where we can learn and upskill. Who would have known we would be here doing communication in a different way.  Hairdressers are very adaptable.  As a community we are here for each other.  The Fellowship plays a big role in this. Our industry is an extended family”.


Ella Gray asked: “Where is the main place where you get your inspiration for your shoots?”  Desmond answered: “Everywhere and in everything.  Last year I popped into a London department store and passed by the make-up area.  I spotted some amazing images by a leading make-up brand.  They completed touched me. Totally inspiring!”


Lizzie Williams asked: “What in your opinion contributes to a winning image / collection?”  Desmond answered: “The ingredients to a winning collection, needs to tell a story.  Hair has to be clever in an underestimated way.  Practice your hair ideas, texture & colour, on a mannequin first or if you can draw, sketch it out.”  “Two reasons we do a shoot is for competition and our portfolio, representing you and what you stand for”.


ClubStar Art Team Project Leader:                 Karoliina Saunders

ClubStar Art Team Members:

Darcey Clarke, Ashley Gamble

Sam Arnold, Strangeways

Jack Anthony, Sutherland & Barnett

Ella Gray, Timba

Andrew Plester, Hare and Bone

Lee Patrick Devlin, Paul Watts Hair

Emy Roccabella, Danilo Hair Boutique

Lizzie Williams, Gatsby & Miller

Josie Simmons, Electric Hair

Cameron Willetts, Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing


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