ClubStar Presents Johnny Shanahan

Johnny Shanahan from Barber Barber UK headed up the Fellowship’s latest ClubStar event.

Johnny was joined by Joey Power, Arran Tynan, Richie Hughes and ‘Franko’ from the Barber Barber UK team and it was an evening full of attitude and energy, we’d expect nothing less! As well as presenting three incredible models, Johnny and his team spoke to the audience about running a men’s hair business. From customer service, to the Barber Barber UK brand ethos, to knowing your customer, they explained their vision and why they operate the way they do.

“We at Barber Barber UK are very traditional; we do what we do and we keep our brand strong,” says Johnny, “We’re not a high fashion salon and we don’t move with the trends – and that’s how we like it! The masses change their mind all of the time and many salons move with that but we like to stay the same and keep a clear vision, and our clients appreciate that.”

It was clear that Johnny and his team have built Barber Barber UK to being the name and brand in the industry that it is today by doing things their own way, which is what the audience were able to take away with them from the evening.

“The event went really well and my team loved it. I always enjoy getting in front of a Fellowship audience!” says Johnny.

Photos by John Belfield
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