Colour Project Get Up Close and Personal with Robert Eaton

One of the highlights of being part of any Fellowship team is getting to learn from the best and brightest names in the industry. For the 2019 Colour Project, it was none other than British Colour Technician of the Year, Robert Eaton, who shared his skills at their most recent session.


The team, and Project Leader Paul Dennison, headed to Leeds for a day of colour education, hosted at the L’Oreal Academy.


Robert, whose family business Russell Eaton celebrated 40 years in 2018, is a twice-winner of British Colour Technician of the Year, as well as countless other awards for his colour work.


For his session with the Colour Project, Robert demonstrated some of the techniques that have made him an expert, as well as sharing the salon insight that helps him turn award-winning colour creations into salon-ready looks.


As well as seeing up-close demonstrations of Robert’s techniques, the team also used the day to plan and prep for their upcoming shoot, which Robert will be creative directing next month.


“We had a brilliant day learning techniques and thinking about colour in a new way,” says Lea Shaw from Rural Fringe. “We got to see the master at work demonstrating some of the techniques he used for his collections and see the full process of how he got the results.”


“Seeing Robert use simple, quick techniques to create the most beautiful colours and have him explain his thought process from beginning to end was incredible,” she continues. “It was a really valuable insight. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt after just two sessions with the Colour Project team. It’s helped with my confidence talking about colour and given me so many new ideas to put into practice.”


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