Colour Project Spends the Day with Chris Williams

As the team leader of the Colour Project for two years, Chris Williams from Rush knows precisely what it takes to make an inspiring day for the team – making him the ideal mentor for a day with this year’s talented future award-winning colour technicians.

The team, and current team leader Paul Dennison, met Chris at Rush’s central London academy, where they spent the morning refreshing their colour theory. Chris shared his advice on how the eye sees colour, using his years of advice to provide in-depth technical insight, as well as the emotional and sensory impacts of colour. Chris also shared insight on consultation, working closely with skintone and eye colour to achieve the most dynamic combination.

“It was great to learn how the eye sees different colours,” says Becky Hill from The Strand Ltd. “I learnt that yellow is the first colour the eye sees, and pink is the most satisfying on the eye as it breaks the rule of colour and depth.”

In the afternoon, it was time for the team to get hands on with new colour techniques for show and competition work. Chris demonstrated different ways to prep and colour hairpieces, allowing you to get more creative without colouring the models’ actual hair.

 “I learnt a lot about the application of colour on to wefts and how to present the piece in the hair to make it blend the best it can,” says Ciara McNamee from Andrew Smith Salons. “We got the chance to play around and practice with colour on the wefts to get the neatest and most effective result. It was great to see everyone’s approach to reveal various outcomes. Applying wefts is a brilliant skill to take back to the salon as it gives my clients the chance to have amazing creative pieces temporarily without the commitment that puts most people off. This will allow me to express my creative side and practice the techniques I have learnt and use them more regularly in the salon.”

Colour Project 2019

Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors
Poppy Devine-Smith, Zoology
Kelsey Franklin, KF Hair
Hannah Godden, RUSH Kensington
Harriet Greenwood, Bad Apple Hair
Rebecca Hill, The Strand Ltd
Holly Dale, Urban Hair & Beauty Highhouse
Ciara McNamee, Andrew Smith Salons
Joanne Roe, KH Hair Leicester
Maarja Roots, Melissa Timperley
Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair
Ivan Montoya, Hair Focus UK
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