Colour Project Team Develop ‘Brand Me’ with Siobhan Jones

In a busy and ever-growing industry, it’s important to stand out and make your mark with your own personal brand. Whether you’re a salon that’s famous for dramatic colour changes or you thrive on soft, subtle natural results, having an identifiable aesthetic is essential for attracting the right clients and growing your business.

Rose and Wild has developed a clear brand under the ownership of colourist Siobhan Jones, and it was her branding expertise that took centre stage in the final Colour Project mentoring day of 2019.

Siobhan started the day by explaining how she created her own brand, and the decisions she made to develop the Rose and Wild salon aesthetic. She then demonstrated two models which brought to life her own colour concepts and approach to hairdressing.

In the afternoon, it was over to the team to create their own colour wefts representing their work as colourists.

“Our day with Siobhan really got us thinking about ourselves as individual colourists,” says Lea Shaw from Rural Fringe. “It really made me question a lot about my own journey to this point and the day gave me lots of food for thought about where I want to go as a colourist after the Colour Project; what I want to do, my goals, my branding etc. As the last session of our time together, it was spot on.”

“I came away thinking that I’m on the right path,” she continues. “When I started the Colour Project I had a very different opinion about what makes a successful hairdresser, and Siobhan just strengthened that view. I love doing beautiful soft hair; it’s what I’m good at and what I want to be known for moving forward. I have great appreciation for bright crazy hair but it’s just not me – and I know now that’s OK. I’ve got so much to think about and I’m going to try and get some assisting jobs with people I look up to and push my career to the next level.”


Colour Project 2019

Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors

Poppy Devine-Smith, Zoology

Kelsey Franklin, K F Hair Design

Hannah Godden, RUSH Kensington

Harriet Greenwood, Bad Apple Hair

Rebecca Hill, The Strand Ltd

Holly Dale, Urban Hair & Beauty Highhouse

Ciara McNamee, Andrew Smith Salons

Joanne Roe, KH Hair Leicester

Maarja Roots, Melissa Timperley

Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair

Ivan Montoya, Hair Focus UK

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