Concept Hair Magazine has announced their 2022 Learner of the Year along with a group of talented winners from across eight separate categories.

In addition, the Fellowship Spotlight Winners  are: Yasemin Hassan - Alan D Hairdressing Education, Molly Rayner - West Suffolk College, Jemma Cawley - West Herts College


Amelia Jahanpour from Walsall College was named as the Concept Hair Learner of the Year for 2022 after being selected by a showcase of leading industry judges after showing the most technical and creative skill from across more than 1,700 competitors who entered the competition this year.


Commenting on her win Amelia, who also won the Avant-Garde category, said: “I was trying not to cry to be fair because they were trying to take my photos… but I still can’t believe it. It feels like I’m dreaming!”


“When you feel like you’re not good enough and you can’t do it, believe in yourself because if you push yourself, you will do it and could win it!”


Commenting on the competition Monica Teodoro, General Manager Education and Professional Development, L'Oréal Professional Products Division said: “We believe passionately that competitions have helped us to uncover talent for more than 65 years, keeping the industry current and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to shine. Providing platforms to showcase talent is essential and we are committed to supporting and encouraging all hairdressers at all stages of their career to take part in as many competitions and experience as many opportunities as possible.”


The live final took place at Solihull College & University Centre where each of the competitors worked on live models and used clothing and make-up to help enhance their overall looks.


Our panel of expert judges - L’Oréal Guest Artist Nancy Stripe, Cloud Nine’s UK Creative Ambassador Lisa Farrall, Wahl Global Artistic Director Simon Shaw, Fellowship for British Hairdressing Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges, Celebrity Hairdresser and Founder of ABLE Andrew Barton, and VTCT’s Apprenticeship Business Development Manager Jody Jones.


Five categories were split into eight competitions based on the competitors’ qualification levels: Vintage Retro themed Styling Level 1 and Level 2 (sponsored by Cloud Nine); Masquerade Ball themed Hair Up Level 2 (sponsored by ABLE) and Level 3 (sponsored by Joewell); Looking Sharp themed Barbering Level 2 and Level 3 (sponsored by Wahl); Colouring (sponsored by L'Oréal Professionnel); and Avant-Garde, themed on Signs of the Zodiac (sponsored by Cloud Nine).



The Winners


Styling Level 1: Doris Ofori - Leeds City College

Styling Level 2: Isabel Cole - West Suffolk College

Hair Up Level 2: Milena Szymanska - Doncaster College

Hair Up Level 3: Molly Rayner - West Suffolk College

Barbering Level 2: Ace Kokes - The Link Training Academy

Barbering Level 3: Yasemin Hassan - Alan D Hairdressing Education

Colouring: Ruby Kirke-Bennett - The Harwich and Dovercourt 6th Form College

Avant-Garde: Amelia Jahanpour - Walsall College

2022 Learner of the Year: Amelia Jahanpour - Walsall College

Fellowship Spotlight Winners: Yasemin Hassan - Alan D Hairdressing Education, Molly Rayner - West Suffolk College, Jemma Cawley - West Herts College


The national competition was sponsored by L'Oréal Professionnel, Cloud Nine, Wahl, Joewell, ABLE, The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, and VTCT with an incredible selection of prizes donated by the sponsors.


Zoë Tanner, Managing Director of Concept Hair Magazine, said that: “The Learner of the Year competition is a celebration of next generation talent. It provides a great platform for student and apprentice hairdressers to showcase their skills and start creating a name for themselves early on in their careers”.


Entries for the Concept Hair Learner of the Year 2023 are set to open in September 2022, which will kick off with a photographic round.

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