Debbie G, Hair Educator, shares her presentation skills expertise with PROJECT: X

The team were set a task ahead of the session to create a visual mood boards on their career in hairdressing, including history and their highlights, together with 3 hair / fashion images of their own work that they love.


The session started with an introduction from Debbie G to the team.  Then each of the team presented their visual boards.  Debbie then moved onto a visual words exercise, looking too at presentations skills for social media.


Debbie G summed up the session: “They were an enthusiastic Team, who really worked hard during the day, I was impressed with their level of work which they shared through visual boards. Everyone grew with confidence in presenting through the day, I look forward to catching up with them later this year".

Sammy Burnett, Project Leader comments: "Wow what a fantastic day the team had with Debbie G. Debbie shared some invaluable techniques, structure and tips that the team can utilise for live presentations and adapt for online sessions too. The team were pushed out of their comfort zones and all stepped up to the challenge. This masterclass in presentation skills will be hugely valuable for Project X 2021 years of upcoming events."

Roisin Murphy, K H Hair commented: “The session really took me out of my comfort zone and gave me incredible knowledge on skills needed to deliver a great presentation.  Debbie G broke everything down and gave some really incredible points, which opened my eyes quite a lot. I’m excited to take all this information and put it into action.”


Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair Salon added: “Debbie was amazing! I learnt so much.The way she explains things is great, it just clicks. I love her style and how encouraging she is even when we didn’t necessarily do ok! I learnt how to organise everything before presenting either on stage or online and how to prepare for each job. She gave amazing tips on what is needed to engage an audience and how to achieve this.  My top takeaways were;

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail. Less is more. Know your audience. I loved every part of the day, even the bits that pushed me out of my comfort zone! I really feel I know the team so much more after today too which is great.”


April Mash, Strangeways says: “Our presentation session with Debbie G is difficult to describe in one word… it was simply spectacular! The whole day from start to finish excelled what I had in mind as to how much we could learn over zoom! During my time as a Fellowship member I have gained so much confidence when it comes to presenting but there is so much room for improvement! I felt very at ease from the minute we were spoken to and I was really delighted with the feedback I was given. As a team we were able to engage with each other and understand everyone’s relatable fears when it comes to speaking in front of an audience. My brain hasn’t stopped ticking since, as I genuinely can’t wait to use the information I was given to better myself when I can finally showcase again! I am so excited to hopefully see Debbie again (fingers crossed - in person next time) so that we can put our advice and knowledge to good use! 


PROJECT: X Team Leader:                      Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:


Roisin Murphy - K H Hair

Sophie Titchener - Sarai Hair & Beauty

Lea Shaw - Rural Fringe Hair Salon

Cc McNamee - Andrew Smith Salons Fareham

Pamela Cooney - Toni & Guy, Cannon Street

April Mash - Strangeways

Emma Simmons - Salon 54

Nicola Hamm - Escape Hair Lounge

Thomas Worth - Tint

Arif Arikan - Alice and the Hair

Reina Boddy - Joseph Ferraro Hair

Kay Binnersley - Kay Binnersley Hair


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