UK Colour Director, Edward Darley & Danielle Harvey, Assistant UK Creative Director from Sassoon Academy provided the team with an amazing combination of cutting & colouring.


The morning Edward & Danielle worked on live models to create looks.  The afternoon was all about putting their learnings into practice, working in pairs to create the mornings looks.


Sam Arnold comments: “Sassoon and Vidal himself have always been a huge aspiration to me since the very beginning so having a day with two amazing people from the Sassoon Academy was a dream come true! Danielle Harvey took me through a purdy/bowl cut which is something I’ve always struggled with and taught me in the most easiest to understand way! I cannot wait to learn more from them all and take all these techniques from Edward and Danielle into the salon and adapt these new learned skills in my wheelhouse. Next stop Sassoon course!”


Chris Donohue comments: “I had an amazing day with Danielle and Edward. The pair work so amazing together. With fantastic energy the sheer amount of knowledge and experience the 2 hold is mind boggling. I teamed with up with Tanahya and together we took inspiration from Sassoon’s most recent academy collection to create a haircut and colour combo. A bi-level cut with a double fringe and multi tonal copper with laser lines.

Really felt inspired leaving the day yesterday.”


Cameron Willetts added: “Honestly probably the best day so far! So inspirational to hear and talk to the Sassoon team. Was lovely to hear their language and listen to their career stories. I have already looked at doing a Sassoon course as soon as possible.”


PROJECT: X Team Leader:                      Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:


Tanahya Nash – Bebop

Sian Roscoe – Sian Roscoe Hair

Edd Moss – Headmasters

Miles Twist – Architect Hair

Justine Weir – Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressing

Christopher Donohue – Billi Currie

Lauren Oram – Matthew Curtis Hair

Cameron Willetts – Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing

Sam Arnold – Strangeways

Kenneth McLeod – My Two

Lee Patrick Devlin – Blue Tit

Idalina Domingos – DK UK


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