Edward Hemmings Inspires ClubStar Art Team with Presentation Skills Workshop

This essential skills masterclass was originally planned to coincide with the team’s stage debut at Salon International, but with the event postponed until 2021, Team Leader Karolina Saunders decided to go ahead with the session – focussing instead on the importance of communication in any circumstances; not just stage work!


“It was booked in the calendar anyway,” says Karoliina. “And we felt it was something we could deliver really well via Zoom, that would still be very useful for the future.”


The team spent a 90-minute session with Edward, learning how to deliver a presentation with confidence, personality and clarity.


“Communication and preparation are the fundamentals of all the best hairdressers,” says Edward. “These skills are invaluable not only for stage work but in the salon and online too. I’ve had to cut the course time from a whole day to 90 minutes, as it’s unrealistic to keep people seated in front of a screen for much longer. I try and make sure that I keep an eye on the screen to keep people engaged, and particularly when screen-sharing a PowerPoint I try to keep talking. I think it’s a really gentle way of offering the course as the participants are in the comfort of their own space.”


Karoliina agrees, adding: “Zoom is a great way for us to stay connected at the moment. This way we can still carry on with our art team meetings, although it’s not quite the same as meeting face to face as you lose the togetherness and excitement of seeing each other. It’s also important to make sure each individual treats the call as if they’re in a classroom, and not getting distracted by whatever is going on around them.”


Edward was impressed with the team, calling them “really motivated and engaged” – a promising start for their calendar of events when it resumes in 2021. For now, the ClubStar Art Team has another Zoom session coming up in October, and will continue to motivate and communicate with each other using their new found skills.

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