Edward Hemmings Shares Presentation Skills with Fellowship Members

Presentation skills are a must-have for any hairstylist, be that for on-stage work, education or simply better communication with clients and the team in salon. That’s why the Fellowship for British Hairdressing continues to host regular presentation workshops, with expert Edward Hemmings, the Creative Director and Director of Education for Alan D Education.


The latest course took place at the ghd Studio in Soho, with 11 participants from across the UK. Each attendee was keen to enhance their presentation skills for personal reasons, including work as freelance trainers for product manufacturers, and the goal of improving their on-stage presence.


The first half of the day was dedicated to mastering the art of communication, with Edward sharing his insight into what makes the perfect presentation. Key areas included confidence tricks, working as part of a team, advice for keeping the audience engaged and ways to feel more comfortable and natural on stage.


After lunch, the team were tasked with delivering their own two-minute presentation to the rest of the group. All of them felt more confident after the advice they had received in the morning, but there was still room for improvement. So, after a round of critique and feedback from Edward, they took to the stage to redo their presentation for a second time, having taken on board personalised advice from their mentor – and their peers in the room.


“I could really see the improvement in each member of the group after the second presentation,” said Edward. “They delivered with confidence and passion, and I was really impressed with the standard across the board.”


Georgia Bell, owner of Twisted Scissors salon in Rotherham said: “I really enjoyed my day at the Fellowship’s Presenters’ course. It was inspirational to learn from Edward, and the whole experience helped to boost my confidence talking about myself and my work. It’s so great that the Fellowship offers a course like this to help you fine-tune your skills for stage and stand work. It was a great day!”


Photo credit: Alphonso Grose
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