Taking place at The Loft in the London, the photoshoot featured award winning photographer, Chris Bulezuik and sponsored by Avlon Products.

Four members of the ClubStar Art Team were lucky enough (after a team competition) to be chosen to assist the current F.A.M.E. Team at their photoshoot with the amazing Errol Douglas MBE.


Darrel Starkey comments: “The highlight of my F.A.M.E journey to date. Being on set with Errol as the creative director was beyond incredible. Getting a front row seat into how his mind works, how he creates visions and always wants the new will stay with me forever. Getting to experience this with the girls brought us even closer and we got to share the magic of seeing the images come up on screen together.”


Lydia Wolfe comments: “Errol is a force! He pushed us to think outside of the box and create something innovative. He really challenged us which is what this experience is about! At the same time though he is so nurturing and passionate about passing his skill on to the next generation which is why he is the legend that he is!  The shoot day was honestly one of my all-time highlights of my career and we are all in love with the images and cannot wait to share!”


Alex Cook: “Shoot day was EPIC! Spending the day with such incredible creatives was amazing! The whole team worked so well together and we pulled it out of the bag for sure. So excited to show everyone this collection... it’s BOLD, COLOURFUL AND ALL ABOUT THE CUT! Errol is a legend and I loved every minute of the day and the prep days!”


Jessica Hau comments: “I loved the shoot. It was so amazing. Errol was so passionate about educating us. It really came through. So grateful for the time Errol gave us. Shoot day was so fun.”


Victoria Hughes comments: “The F.A.M.E. Team shoot was incredible.  I felt inspired after being around some many talented people. Its was the most amazing opportunity to be around Errol and to see how he works. The photoshoot the F.A.M.E.  Team created is amazing.  I wouldn't of been able to do a day like yesterday without The fellowship, so thank you.”


Abby Quinn comments: “Had amazing day assisting the very talented F.A.M.E.  team and incredible Errol Douglas, it was such a great atmosphere.”




Darrel Starkey, Taylor’s Hair Studio

Lydia Wolfe, Jack & The Wolfe

Alex Cook, Wispers Hair & BeautySalon

Jessica Hau, RUSH Wimbledon



Zoe Leaves, Zoe Leaves Hair

Sam Bickle, Urban Edge Shenfield

Abby Quinn, Karoliina Saunders Hair Design

Victoria Hughes, Melissa Timperley Salons

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