F.A.M.E. Team with Tom Connell from Trevor Sorbie

As an incredibly creative hairdresser with a distinctive style, Tom wanted to broach the subject of influences and approaches when developing ideas.

“I wanted to help them approach their creative work with fresh eyes,” says Tom, “I presented a series of videos and images, explaining how each has directly influenced one of my ideas, before demonstrating. After spending just five minutes with the F.A.M.E. Team, it was clear that they are a team of very passionate, switched on hairdressers. With their infectious energy and inquisitive natures, I’m sure they will all go on to great things!”

Team member Gavin McIntyre from G&E McIntyres says, “Our day with Tom was incredibly insightful. His humbleness and eager attitude to share was amazing. He taught us to think outside the box and focus on the drama of a performance in a show to get your overall look and story across. The joy of spending time with him took the edge off the fact that we were sad to be experiencing our last workshop together! We couldn’t have asked for a better day, thank you to Tom.”

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