Fellowship Members Perfect their Presentation Skills

Presenting in front of others is a challenge for most people, but an essential skill in an industry like hairdressing where communication is key. Whether it’s presenting on stage, hosting your own YouTube channel or simply talking to clients on a daily basis in a way that’s clear, concise and confident, being able to get our message across is key.

Edward Hemmings from Alan d Education is the Fellowship’s expert in all things communication, making him the ideal person to host the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Presentation Skills course; a one-day guide to maximising your confidence and ability.

In his latest course, which was held at the ghd Studio in Soho, London, this week, eight attendees learnt from the master, brushing up their skills to present, communicate, and host with confidence.

Amongst the attendees were an apprentice, an experienced salon owner and a barber – demonstrating the diverse appeal of the course, and proving that confidence with presentation is an issue that can strike across the board.

The day started with an open discussion about why we feel nervous when presenting, and common issues that rear their head when trying to communicate ideas in front of an audience.

Edward broke down misconceptions and common concerns, providing his willing students with confidence tips, tricks and techniques to try.

In the afternoon, each attendee gave their own presentation to the rest of the group. With Edward’s guidance, they ironed out any concerns and took on board guidance, going on to give the presentation a second time with more confidence, energy and conviction.

Attendee CC, from Andrew Smith Salons in Fareham commented: “I’m so motivated and confident after my day – I’ve already booked in an hour with my salon manager to go through my notes as a mini presentation for him. I’m now really excited to present on stage at Salon International and in upcoming competitions. I feel like a new person!”

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