Fellowship Members Shoot for Success in Photo Workshop

Led by Bruno Marc and Kai Wan, the Photo Workshop was designed to help hairstylists of all levels master their photoshoot skills to improve their work for competitions, collections and social media. The day promised to cover all aspects of shooting, from concepts and team-building to finding and working with models and agencies, as well as how to actually work with hair on set.


Session stylist Justine Collins, who attended the course, says: “The first part of the day was all about how put a shoot together, which was very informative. Using examples of their own work, Bruno and Kai shared advice on scheduling models and timings, and how many looks you should be aiming for with each model in the allocated time.


“We then moved on to hair demos, covering the best products to use on set, how to shoot the first look and then how to break this down and loosen up the hairstyle to create a more editorial image, taking advantage of the surprises along the way. Both mentors shared their ideas, experiences and visually what we should be looking for when shooting hair. We spent the afternoon shooting two models in different makeup, clothes and hair looks while comparing the difference of the captured images. Everyone had the opportunity to get involved and Bruno encouraged us to do this. I'm really interested in photography and Kai was very generous with his knowledge of lighting setups, equipment, positioning and how the background colour changed the overall look of the image.


“As a session stylist I love working more on editorials and backstage at fashion week. Learning how  easy it was to work with the model’s natural hair before making changes and how to use wefts and wigs to create spontaneous unique looks, was extremely valuable.


“It was refreshing to meet such down to earth mentors that were willing to share their knowledge and expertise selflessly. They encouraged everyone to get involved and shared so much information.”

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