Fellowship Scholarship winner completes week 4

Sassoon’s Salon Creative Cut aims to help stylists stay motivated and creative in their day-to-day salon work. The course is focused on creating salon looks, inspired by the proprietary methods of cutting hair the Sassoon way.

“The Salon Creative Cut course was amazing!” says Georgina, “It was an opportunity to be more creative with the patterns and disconnection, using it to create texture, shape and to eliminate the weight in hair. I enjoyed doing something a little more advanced and going into more depth on things such as pushing hair weight in a certain direction for clients depending on their face and head shape.”

Since September, Georgina has been a regular at the Sassoon Academy, having also completed the ABC Cutting, Sassoon Blondes & Sassoon Men’s courses.

“I have had such a blast on the Fellowship Scholarship. I have learnt so many fundamental skills and techniques to make a better hairdresser. The educators on the courses were so helpful and inspiring. Each week I just couldn’t wait to get back to the salon and put everything into practice. The Fellowship Scholarship is a great opportunity for any hairdresser to improve their skill set, knowledge and their confidence to try new and different things. It gives you a whole different view on hairdressing, and a huge surge of creativity! I’ve loved every second,” says Georgina.
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