Fellowship Snapshot Image of the Year 2021

Each year, the Fellowship invites its members to enter their best photographic work .  The full competition will launch later this year, but we have decided to open one category early: the Snapshot Image Competition.

⁠The Snapshot Image Competition, which is now in its fourth year, is for any non-professional hair image – photos of salon work, show looks or any other creation produced outside of a photo studio.  In light of the lockdowns and lack of opportunity to get creative in 2020, the Snapshot Image Competition is open to any work from entrants’ back catalogues – as long as it’s not from a professional photoshoot, it can be entered.

To enter hairdressers need to tag @fellowshiphair on Instagram and use the tag: #fellowshipsnapshot21⁠

The closing date for entries is 5pm, Friday 3rd September 2021

Further details about the other categories in the Fellowship awards will be announced later in the year.

Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges says: I’m always so inspired by our snapshot competition. Seeing the incredible backstage and client shots from our members truly shows the creativity we have within the fellowship. I can’t wait to see what is produced this year!

Our 2020 winner, Nestor Sanchez of hob Salons says, "I believe it is incredibly important we photograph our own work to always keep on developing our eyes, senses and understanding of our craft.  I find looking at my work in 2 dimensions always helps me to further improve my knowledge on the how/what/whys when creating harmony and balance on a shape or colour.   At a hob show we like to photograph our models backstage whilst they are getting their hair/makeup prep, relaxing or hanging out with our team to capture a more natural and spontaneous mood that can be use on social media, snapshot competitions or simply as reference and inspiration for future shoot ideas."

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