Live from the salon of Tribe Clapham, the team from HumanKind Hair did live demonstrations over ZOOM for the PROJECT: Colour team, on ‘Bitesize Balayage Breakdown’.   The team were encouraged to work from home alongside, so they could practice the techniques live.


Sometimes it feels like there are more versions of balayage out there than episodes of Lost. And they can feel equally confusing.  Harriet Stokes & Anneliese Hesse, from HumanKind Hair, explain: “We truly believe, that there is not one right or wrong way to balayage. There are different techniques that give different results, and we’re here to give you a full breakdown of them all. Your new knowledge will give you the power to create every single inspo pic you’re shown, minus the mental breakdown in the colour cupboard.”


“The team were a pleasure to work with and it was so lovely to be a part of something so beautiful in our industry.  Thank you to Tribe Clapham for letting us use their salon to host the training.” Harriet & Anneliese from HumanKind Hair.


Paul Dennison, Project Leader for PROJECT: Colour comments: “Amazing day! The team had their brains packed full of freehand education thanks to HumanKind Hair. Huge thanks to Harriet and Anneliese, to do what they did given the circumstances was awesome!”

“I had the BEST afternoon learning with the team, Harriet and Anneliese! Ellen Grimmett, Andrew Smith Salons comments: “Despite the fact it had to be done over zoom I really feel like I’ve learnt so much and have so much to take back to apply to my clients.

Sometimes online training can be hard to keep interesting, but I was hooked the entire time and it went so quickly!  I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and can’t wait to hit the salon with my refined skills and newly learnt techniques!”


“Balayage can be complicated to nail but both the girls explained everything with just the right amount of information that didn’t confuse things.” Darrel Starkey-Gettings, Taylor’s Hair Studio added: “No matter the question they were able to answer it & even gave us skills ready to put into practice for the reopening of our industry.”


“The training session was so much fun yesterday!” Sian Roscoe, Anne Veck Salons, enthused “The girls are so talented and explain things really well. They were a great start to our educational journey and I’m so excited for what’s to come.”


“I really enjoyed yesterday even though it was over zoom it felt like we were there with the girls they shared lots of good information and tips I would definitely recommend their courses in the future.” Rebecca Johnston, Melissa Timperley Salons.


PROJECT: Colour Team Leader:                       Paul Dennison

PROJECT: Colour Team Members:

Scott Musgrove

Saffron Burton - Safy B's

Rebecca Johnston - Melissa Timperley Salons

Harlee Gresty - Lewis Moore Salons

Connor McIntyre - The Bank Hairdressing

Darrel Starkey-Gettings - Taylor's Hair Studio

Eloise Dudley - Toni & Guy, Bournemouth

Ernesta Mazonaite - Hare and Bone

Ellen Grimmett - Andrew Smith Salons, Gosport

Rita Tuska - Joseph Ferraro Hair

Leigh-Anne Stacey Grant - Yoke The Salon

Sian Roscoe - Anne Veck Salon


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