LIVE, 1.00 PM  BST ON 8 JUNE 2021

ick says, “I’ve been very fortunate to have a career in hair that has crossed many boundaries. I felt through my close relationship and friendships with session stylists that it's really important to create a platform where we can truly celebrate their brilliance and get this across to a much wider audience in the hair industry”. 

Nick's career has seen him switch from hair industry icon to a fully fledged session stylist in his own right.  Nick's aesthetic allows him to attract big name clients from all types of industries - from Rolls Royce to Fendi, and a celebrity client list that includes Gillian Anderson & Nathalie Emmanuelle. His relationship with the Iconic photographer, Rankin, has lead to his appointment as hair editor at Hunger Magazine.

He is also the Global Creative Director of the uber cool hair brand ANTI

Nick will take you through his process and aesthetic in how he operates across the board in session hair styling. His ability to fully understand the Art & Commerce is why he is in such high demand from power brands to cutting edge creative projects. 

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