Introducing Project X 2018!

Kai led the introductory session, laying out the plans for the year and getting the team ready for the journey ahead.

Kai later handed over to Edward Hemmings, who spent the rest of the session helping the team perfect their presentation skills. Each team member had put together a mood board based on something special to them, which they stood up and showed the rest of the team – the perfect way to get to know each other whilst building on their public speaking skills. Edward guided them through, with pointers and tips that will be instrumental throughout their year. Once Edward had given each member their feedback, they were invited back up to the front to redeliver their new and improved presentation.

“I felt so much more confident presenting the second time around,” says team member Lois Negus from Maxwell’s, “Edward’s guidance really helped me to improve. Talking in front of an audience has always been a really daunting thing for me but the more I do of it, slowly it is becoming less scary! I now feel very prepared for the year ahead.”

To top off a fabulous first day, industry icon Lee Stafford popped in for a surprise visit whilst passing to meet the team and congratulate them on the beginning of their journey.

Team member Eloise Dudley from Francesco Group says, “I am so excited for what this year will bring. I have learnt so much already and it is just the beginning. I feel so lucky that Kai Wan is our mentor for the year. He is such an inspiration and I can’t wait for our photoshoot with him!”

Photograph: Alice North
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