Jamie Benny Inspires ClubStar Art Team

For the latest inspiring education day, the ClubStar Art Team enjoyed an interactive session with Jamie Benny from Hare and Bone.

As a former F.A.M.E. Team member and winner of HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards Newcomer of the Year, Jamie is perfectly placed to inspire the next generation of hairdressing talent.

The ClubStar Art Team, which represents the best emerging talent in the Fellowship aged under 25, is all about exposing young creatives to mentors who can help shape and inspire their careers – something which Jamie was keen to do in his hands-on hair-up session.

The focus of the workshop was long hair dressing and styling techniques for hair up looks, focussing on key styles that form the basis of much of Jamie’s session, salon and show work. The team worked through ponytails, classic waves and chignons with padding, learning Jamie’s techniques and tricks for achieving the perfect, lasting, wearable finish. He also showed the team some braiding techniques, perfect for photographic work.

“Jamie managed to fit in so many techniques with us and we came away with so much knowledge,” says April Mash from  Strangeways. “I have always loved his work on Instagram and have been counting down the days to spend the day with him. I’m a massive lover of hair up and this was something as a team we haven't experienced yet, so that was great. I was also intrigued to hear about his career, especially as a former F.A.M.E. Team member. As a young hairdresser who enjoys entering competitions, spending the day with a big award winner was even more appealing to me!”

“The best thing about the day for me was learning how to create a wave with straighteners. This is a technique I have been challenging myself to get right recently and have struggled to achieve, especially with limited time in the salon. Jamie explained every step so clearly, shared so many tips and and made the learning process very relaxed and easier than I had expected. He was so patient with us as a group, which made the day really enjoyable. I left feeling really proud of what we had achieved in such a short amount of time.”

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