Legacy of a Legend

Tanahya Nash from Tony Wood Hairdressing in Portsmouth was the recipient of this year’s Sassoon scholarship; here’s more about her year so far.

This year’s winner was Tanahya Nash from Tony Wood Hairdressing in Southsea and the scholarship has been, she says, “an honour”.

“Winning felt amazing,” she says. “Never did I think I would be able to attend a Sassoon Academy course, let alone four. It’s such an honour to have been considered for, and eventually awarded this scholarship.

The famously creative Sassoon community has been one the highlights of her, she says. “The environment is certainly a highlight,” says Tanahya. “Being surrounded by so many creative passionate stylists in London is incredible. I come away from every course feeling so inspired! The focus on head and face shape has also been great. It may sound obvious, as we should always consider it, but what I’ve learnt has really changed how I approach my work. The shape and balance of my cuts has definitely improved and I think about the clients hair in a different way during consultation now.”

Although applications for the Sassoon scholarship are open to all, it’s a brilliant opportunity for stylists from salons with little or no education budget to be exposed to some of the most acclaimed training available in the industry. “I knew I’d never be able to afford to study at Sassoon for a while, realistically,” says Tanahya, “so I put my all into my entry!”

Since winning the scholarship, Tanahya has made it the international finals of Goldwell Color Zoom, and been promoted within the salon. Perhaps more importantly she feels she has, “established more of my own identity since I’ve studied on these courses.”

As for next year’s applicants? Tanahya says, “definitely just be you. The judges want to get to know who you are, and how this will impact you as an individual and what you will do with that. What are your future aspirations? They want to see an inspired, ambitious, hopeful stylist that this scholarship will greatly benefit.

So be you, be honest and be excited!”

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