After a few months of ZOOM sessions which have been packed full with education, the team finally get to meet in person and have LIVE EDUCATION return to their programme!


Hare & Bone, London, HQ of project leader Sam Burnett, was the venue for their first team day and to say the team were excited was an understatement!


The day started with a great introduction by their project leader & mentor for the day, Sam with an overview of the day and the up-and-coming photo shoot, later this month.


Wig making was the day’s topic, Sam was joined by Hare & Bone’s Art Director, Jamie Benny, who both demonstrated their tips and tricks of how to build up a wig, and how to take pieces of hair and turn them into added features.


The afternoon saw the team taking their new knowledge and their creativity and producing their own piece. Everyone really enjoyed the day and their time together and enjoyed sharing and helping each other.


Arif Arikan comments: “The session was great, learnt some really useful tips and techniques that will for sure be handy in the future, I loved the result from the wig making session!”


Emma Simmons: “It was so nice to actually get some hands-on experience, the team gelled really well. The wig making was great, really quick techniques that can be adapted to suit loads of different creative projects. Sam and Jamie were fantastic mentors. Can’t wait for the next team meet up”.


Rosin Murphy added: “It was lovely to finally come together as a group in person and do our first live session of wig making, I’ve learnt a new technique which I’m really excited to experiment with. It was an amazing day!”


PROJECT: X Team Leader:                      Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:


Kay Binnersley - Kay Binnersley Hair (PROJECT TEAM REPORTER)

Roisin Murphy - K H Hair

Lea Shaw - Rural Fringe Hair Salon

Cc McNamee - Andrew Smith Salons Fareham

Pamela Cooney - Toni & Guy, Cannon Street

April Mash - Strangeways

Emma Simmons - Salon 54

Nicola Hamm - Escape Hair Lounge

Thomas Worth - Tint

Arif Arikan - Alice and the Hair

Reina Boddy - Joseph Ferraro Hair

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