Member Story - Brooke Evans

Tell us a little about your journey after being on the ClubStar Art Team and how this helped your hairdressing journey?


I have had an incredible few years with the Fellowship! I started my journey back in 2017 when I was successful to get onto the Project X team, when our project leader was the amazing Kai Wan! We had a great year with many mentors including Richard Phillipart, Mark Hayes, Sam Burnett to name a few.

Once we had finished the year this gave me the bug of being part of the industry which pushed to me apply and get onto Clubstar Art Team 2018 Simon Tuckwell was our project leader. This year completely opened my career path! We had so many amazing days, we did stage work and a shoot with Gary & Michael (Hooker and Young) which we had exposed in industry magazines! And this sort of hairdressing opened my eyes to what I really wanted to do! After an intense 2 years, I had a year out of industry as I purchased my own salon BE Ironbridge and that took best part of a year to renovate.

I knew I wanted to get back into industry work though, this is when I was encouraged to apply for F.A.M.E. Team. This is honestly the most intense but rewarding competition I had ever been part of! With so many talented hairdressers auditioning I never believed I would get through! But I did, and although Covid-19 has cut our year short, what we have done already has been life changing! I am so excited for it all to restart again soon, we are so lucky to be able to continue for another year.

What have you been doing since lockdown?

As you can see I have had a very busy few years, a lot of the time working 7 days a week, so for the first couple of weeks (after I had sorted my team) I did relax, putting time aside for eating well and exercising, as well as decorating my house which I purchased last year and just haven't had the time to do anything! But there is only so much relaxing days you can have! I have since been entering the Creative Head Awards, British Hairdressing Business Awards, completed not another social media course, and a course with Glam by Heather & Jaymz Marsters. Amongst this, I have also created step by step content for magazines, and organising a photoshoot for the British Hairdressing Awards for when lock down ends. I have also focused on the salon and becoming more eco friendly, adding a refill station for clients to refill their products! 


How have you kept motivated and inspired?

I think social media had gone through the roof since being on lock down! So using this to my advantage of seeing the industries wonderful content! I have also been looking at me and what I stand for! So really exploring my hairdressing and interests to try and find my image.

Have you done anything for the first time, i.e. any new hobbies?

I have created step by step tutorials for the first time! I used to be petrified of being infront of the camera and really froze up! But since being on Clubstar and F.A.M.E. team I have really tried to get better in this area! With thanks to Debbie G, Jamie Stevens and my F.A.M.E. team I am getting there. I will never be a natural but will always try to get better in my areas of weakness! 

Anything memorable happened during lockdown?

Since opening the salon in December, I have had a bit of a rough ride with keeping the salon open.  We were hit by floods and now with Covid-19 both shutting the salon!

I had a great chat with Dom Lehane who created the 'How to cut it' podcast! I always listen to the amazing talented hairdressers he interviews! It was a privilege to be asked onto the show. Also I found out I was a finalist for Colour World.  The inspire shoot I was asked to be involved in prior to lockdown was released and we got front cover of Created Head magazine, so it’s not all doom and gloom. 


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