Member Story - Darrel Starkey-Gettings

What have you been doing since lock down?


During Lockdown I’ve been able to step back and reassess my future goals. It’s led to me creating a home studio where I’ve been creating content for my social media channels, for brands & created a Live education Platform called Let’s Get Educated.

Let’s Get Educated is a Live feed education platform created to share free education with the community during lock down.  I follow your education live and others are able to join in and post their results.

I have also launched The Great British Hair Bid to help raise money for the Relief Fund for The Hair & Beauty Charity. On Wednesday 20th May at 4pm we hosted the first event and raised £2,830 in 90 minutes, by people bidding on some incredible prizes that companies and brands had kindly donated.

We are hosting the 2nd part of the event on Wednesday 10th June at 4pm with even more incredible prizes.

How have you kept motivated & inspired?


My motivation during lock down is all been about self-development and growth. I have taken the gift of time to focus on becoming a better all rounded hairdresser.

It’s so easy to be inspired in this time with the amount of incredible lives and free education. The Fellowship's THE KNOWLEDGE being free for all, Daniel Granger’s Free Cutting Classes Every Monday, The How To Cut It Podcasts every Monday and all the work being shared across social media is just amazing.

The gift of time has helped the industry connect in so many ways that when we open back up again we will be a stronger, smarter industry for it.

Have you done anything for the first time i.e. any new hobbies? 

All my hobbies have involved hair apart from buying a bike and getting to spend time with my son.
It’s been so hard becoming a teacher at home for my son, I have definitely found a new appreciation for what teachers do.

I have had the chance to learn Avant Garde skills, which I have never had the time to. Which then can be turned into an arts & craft lesson.

Anything memorable happened during lockdown?


The most memorable thing I will take away from lockdown is knowing I belong to a community, an industry that has really pulled together to pick each other up when they are down.  I’ve been able to fall in love with my career on a deeper level because of the strength and determination not only from myself but what everyone has shown.

Before I sign off, I just want to say to everyone feeling lost, down or defeated. Start each day with a smile. Set one Goal, breathe & remember if you ever need to speak, we are ready to listen.

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