Member Story - Georgia Bell

What have you been doing since lockdown?

"The first thing I did was to move my freelance education online, I've worked on a series of online colour courses and launched them via my social, this was initially an independent project, but then I was also asked to create a series of online Education for imageskillnet an amazing organisation based in Ireland.

After realising the call for all manners of education be that theory, technical application or general advice on social media, the need for support blew me away, it was after I got talking to my friends Lisa a social media expert and carver a design specialist we realised that brand moving forward was about to become more important than ever before.

With that we got together and collectively formed ‘The Branding Brainstorm’ a company focused on helping with confidence, branding and aesthetics.  We have been building and devising a number of courses from scratch some you pay for others are FREE.

We have worked solidly on the project for 3 weeks.  We have a website and also a community we have started, this is a social safe space for people that need advice on their business.

There are lots of courses coming up, plus individual coaching available and we also plan to bring in guest speakers with a certain area of expertise.

I have also been doing various pieces online for the brands I work with, including Instagram lives and takeovers.

I’ve been implementing new concepts into my business ready for when we reopen and my assistants have had a lot of online support so they are still able to practice and grow in lockdown.

I’m planning a big refurb for my business to be completed upon going back.  My husband Dave and my Dad have been helping me with this.  The rest of the time I’ve been investing in my own education and in the educators I wanted to learn from.

I’m now a host on The HAIR SHOW alongside Dom Lehane and Jordanna Cobella a weekly online magazine show, every Monday at 7:00 pm,  full of hair news brought to you on a weekly basis via social media.

I have also judged Wella Trend Vision.

How have you kept motivated?

I have a very positive approach to life, there is motivation available everywhere you look, I've been given time through no choice of my own to work on the things I was struggling to manage before.  Gained the ability in lockdown to go back with better time management skills, pushed myself creatively more than I thought was possible and in areas I hadn’t explored much before, and discovered that my passion inspiration and interests, stem much further than hair and colour.

I’m motivated on ensuring my business comes through this and I come out of this stronger than I ever did not just as an individual but as a business.   I’m also motivated by the connections I’ve made in lockdown and the messages I’ve received from people saying my content is valuable and it’s been helpful to them.

Have you done anything for the first time?

Our company ‘The Branding Brainstorm’ devised a course on P.P.E (Prepare , Prevent and Educate) to a zoom call of just under 200 people with some amazing guest speakers.

I became a host for Dom Lehane’s The Hair Show

I’ve started foraging as a hobbie!

I’m cooking again and loving time with my family.

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