Member Story - Janene Bush

What have you been doing since lockdown?


Initially I was going to make the most of the complimentary online educational assets that popped up to support us all, but to be honest with three premises I have not found the time! I have been busy planning and talking to clients everyday of lockdown, redecorating, making sure the salons work for our return, looking after the teams too, and researching new products.  

With home schooling thrown in, which I have to say I am useless at!  But I am good at laying in the beautiful sunshine and hitting the hot tub most days as it’s been beautiful!! 

How have you kept motivated and inspired? 


I have been inspired by other salon owners who have shared information, their time and even though I did not know most of these fabulous people they have been so very helpful.  The sharing of talent and information has given motivation and guidance. I have ‘hit a wall’ on more than one occasion, I have cried, I have buried my head, but this also motivated me to kick pick myself up and dust myself off!  

Have you done anything for the first time, i.e. any new hobbies?


I have learnt to relax and reflect and it’s the first chance I’ve had to do this, I realise that I hardly see my family, because I work so much.  My children often told me this, but I can now see they are right. For the first time I am going to aim to get a better balance. I am fitter and stronger as have had time to give myself time too. 

Anything memorable happened during lockdown?


Memorable... we’ve had birthdays, bike jumps are maybe not for me! Or the pain that came afterwards!  I have enjoyed everyday, I have slept so well!  I’ve made cakes, which my family ate!! Launched a national campaign called 'We are back, but not in black!'

We as a team decided that coming ‘Back in Black’ clothing was not an option with all the PPE we would be wearing, as it’s most heat retaining colour.  We decided to come back in colours of vibrant, beautiful fabrics and enlisted a clothes stylist to assist our team with this, as we all need help with this sometimes. 

We felt that the whole hairdressing community could benefit from this colourful vibe so we decided to launch it on a larger scale!  Well what a remarkable response we’ve had!  It’s touched so many people and salons already!  We have had radio and TV interviews, newspaper coverage, ‘Lives’ on Hairuncut, Good Salon Guide have championed it too.  Colour brings not only vibrancy to our day, but it is a proven quality when it comes to wellness and anxiety, it lifts a mood and attitude adding a 'vie for life'.  #backbutnotinblack is growing fast and we are setting up an instagram page (completed an online instagram course in May which opened my mind to social media) and FB page to support it.  


Sir & Co Barbers  and Quaystreetcollective (opening August 2020)
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