Member Story - Luke Hawkins

What have you been doing since lockdown?

I have used the time away from the shop floor to do several things, I have delivered some of my own haircutting tutorials via the Kao Salon webinar education platform.   I’ve also looked at what could be improved in my salon business and I have spent a number of weeks strengthening the salon in areas I thought could be stronger and preparing the salon for our new ‘normal’ customer experience.  

I am also thrilled to have been nominated for Salon of the Year at the National Hair & Beauty Awards 2020.  In addition, we were awarded the Best Independent Hair Salon 2020 by the Wellness Health & Beauty Awards!


How have you kept motivated and inspired?

I have motivated and inspired myself by joining online cutting training courses/tutorials from hairdresser’s that I admire, my favourite one so far has been Gianni Scumaci and I would advise anyone seriously looking to improve their cutting skills to go and watch at least one of his videos online.  I love to train and learn, it’s never a chore for me to watch or perform a cutting demo! 


Have you done anything for the first time, i.e. any new hobbies?

It may sound like a normal thing to say but I have started reading.  I am dyslexic and I have always shied away from reading as a ‘hobby’ but I have enjoyed having the time to read and to listen to some incredibly inspiring audio books from Vidal Sassoon to Curtis ’50 cent’ Jackson.


Anything memorable happened during lockdown? 

I think the most memorable things that have happened for me during lockdown is how we managed as a family to celebrate all of our birthdays and other special occasions by entertaining ourselves with old school games and activities.  We work incredibly hard in the Hair Industry and having this time away from work has given me a chance to spend some quality time with loved ones.

I am well rested and ready to go!!"


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